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5 things I would change if I had to had to go back into time

I was looking at my skin in the mirror the other day and thanking God for the good genes that He has blessed me with.¬† Unfortunately, genetics is not enough to keep my skin looking good. It definitely lays a great foundation though! ūüôā¬† I haven't always looked after my skin. In fact, as with… Continue reading 5 things I would change if I had to had to go back into time

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Quality time with my little human

Holidays...what a pleasure! ¬†It's been a week and I have to say the time I have spent chilling with my little man has been priceless! ¬†Not only have we been out and about spending time with family and friends but we have also been just been enjoying each other's company. This time with him has… Continue reading Quality time with my little human

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Another year older…

I get to experience "New Year" twice in one week. ¬†The first time on the first of January like everyone else. ¬†The second, on my birthday, ¬†a week later. ¬†The second one always feels more important to me. ¬† It's when I really take stock, decide on my goals and lay down plans to make… Continue reading Another year older…

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The year that was and the year that will be

It's the last day of yet another year. ¬†A year that has brought many a great moment and many sad moments too. ¬†I have changed over this year and I like the changes I see. ¬†Fears have been faced. ¬†Obstacles have been overcome. ¬†New habits have developed as well. ¬†I see the world differently today… Continue reading The year that was and the year that will be

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You are more than your reflection in the mirror

I was at the mall this evening and caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror.¬† My first reaction was a sinking heart.¬† I haven't gotten around to dyeing my grey hairs and, to my eye, it just made me look way older than I would have liked.¬† I walked around the mall with a… Continue reading You are more than your reflection in the mirror


A ghostly encounter…

I always seem to have odd experiences when I travel internationally. This experience though was definitely the weirdest! A decade ago, I visited Cairo, Egypt for work. My flight was long and there had been delays so I was pretty tired when I arrived. I checked into my hotel on the Nile. The first key… Continue reading A ghostly encounter…

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Tick Tock Thursday #1

Recently I shared with you how I have learnt to create time in my day to do the things I want to do. If you missed it, you read it¬†here . I have also been participating in Oprah and Deepak‚Äôs 21 day meditation challenge. The theme of challenge has been "Making every moment matter". You… Continue reading Tick Tock Thursday #1


5 tips and tricks that keep me sane

Life has this tendency to throw us curve balls from time to time (duh!).¬† How you react to them makes all the difference.¬† I truly believe that those curve balls are God's way of helping us evolve into the person we need to be so that we can truly fulfill our purpose in this life.¬†… Continue reading 5 tips and tricks that keep me sane

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When is a failure a failure?

How often have you looked around you, at your friends, at your family, your colleagues and felt like a failure or felt less successful? I have done it so many times. I felt so down because I didn't have a fancy car and I didn't own a home let alone a home in the "right"… Continue reading When is a failure a failure?


Perfection is overrated!

Yip. I don't know about you but I have spent virtually my entire life trying to be perfect. I have wanted the perfect body, the perfect social skills, the perfect walk, the perfect hair, the perfect skin and the list goes on and on! Why you ask? I thought it was what I was supposed… Continue reading Perfection is overrated!